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Arranging timetable school is hard, waste of time and energy. We help you to focus on things that are far more important.
Only need to input the data, the timetable generated automatically"


Making it easy for you is our satisfaction...

The complexity of making a schedule with various kinds of obstacles.

  • The principal can only teach in certain sessions: Monday session-5, Tuesday session-3, Wednesday session-4, Thursday-1, and cannot teach on Friday
  • Mr. Ridwan and Mr. Reza's schedule must be different
  • The lab session for Mrs. Anisa and Mrs. Vidya must be together
  • Ms. Utami is pregnant, she cannot teach more than 2 sessions per day
  • ...
with everything become easy.

About v1.0 v1.0 is a school timetable generator for scheduling teacher and courses in educational institution.

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